Daya Pars Trading Co.

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Welcome To The

Daya Pars.

Dayapars priority is to provide high quality products and 100% organic,

that are ready to be shipped according to the orders,

Here you can get a wide range of Saffron,Pistachios,and Dates.

The accuracy and prompt action is very essential

so that we can prepare and send orders immediately.


With high quality products,this company is a safe place for your business also you can deliver your products anywhere


Quick preparation of products according to the standards in dayapars is another of our priorities that we do it in the best way


Dayapars specialists with sufficient experience in field of international business can support you in advertising

Dayapars management is built to improve business relationships with other customers,which built trust and continues business relationships.
Behzad Sayafi
Owner of DayaPars Trading Co.